Welcome To The Twitter Universe 2.0 beta

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NOTE: Due to changes in Twitters Terms of Use (mainly the removal of the RSS search feed) Twitteruniverse will no longer return any results. As I get time I will re-write twitteruniverse to work with the new API Search.
  1. A new way to search twitter... see your results instantly!
  2. Start a new search above to use the "twitterverse".
  3. Results will post as you type!
  4. Why are you still reading this? Go forth and have fun!
known limitations:
  1. Browser compatibility: IE 9, Chrome, Firefox
  2. Private tweets are non-searchable since logins are disabled
  3. Currently only works with javascript. Will fix that in the future.
  1. Twitter: Simple. I'm borrowing sometheir styles/layouts. That will be changed
  2. Side Note: This site may be removed without notice
  3. Twitterverse code: Copyright (c) 2012 Jeffrey Bower
  4. Twitterverse is in no way, shape or form affiliated with twitter.com
  5. License: This item may not be disbuted or modified in any shape fashion or form.
  6. Questions Comments? Contact TwitterUniverse at support@twitteruniverse.com